June Feature : Serpil Erol

Our June feature presents Serpil Erol and her incredibly original, exquisitely crafted accessories. Her work brings a new breath to an age old medium, Enjoy!

"Born and raised in the wonderful city Istanbul, it took me a long while to persuade myself that what I love doing, since my childhood, which was anything and everything to do with hands, was actually something achievable. After high-school, I went to Ithaca College for my undergraduate degree, had to return to Turkey after a year. The struggle continued when I started working at various jobs, from a sales advisor in a well-known brand to cooking to finally being the first and only style advisor at Topshop. My true breakdown/self-discovery started when I quit my job as a style advisor, took some time off and traveled to Costa Rica to learn Spanish and re-discover myself, the journey which led me to where I am right now, finally doing what I've always dreamt of. I have recently been accepted to study accessory design at London College of Fashion and will continue to report from there:) And gladly, the journey continues..."

For more of Serpil's creations checkout www.serpilerol.etsy.com